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Arrival in Naples – Settling In

An obese lady with enormous breasts – it was impossible to hazard a guess as to her age – was there to greet us. Karen introduced her as Mrs. Napoletano and promptly vanished. Mrs. Napoletano spoke no English but immediately subjected me to a torrent of Italian, punctuated with frantic gesturing. Although I couldn’t understandContinua a leggere “Arrival in Naples – Settling In”

Arrival in Naples

In my Cabernet-Sauvignon-induced dozy dreams, several thousand feet above the Bavarian Alps, I had a fairly good idea of what Bella Napoli would be like. Jim’s tales and picture postcards had prepared me. I would go through passport control, where a smiling official (he seemed to look a lot like Bernardo, albeit with a Saddam HusseinContinua a leggere “Arrival in Naples”

How I Ended Up in Italy – Part 2

Bernardo had infected me with the Italian bug. And, on my return to England, I began thinking that, perhaps, I would take the scenic route back to Germany. The route that involved a couple of years spent exploring Italy. No more than a couple of years, mind you, as I had absolutely no doubt thatContinua a leggere “How I Ended Up in Italy – Part 2”

How I Ended Up in Italy – Part 1

The whole of the peninsula is visible from up here. Behind the mountain, to the left, lies the Amalfi Coast. Down to the right is Sorrento and, before that, Vico Equense. On the horizon, drowning in the haze, is the impossibly elegant island of Capri, haughty and beautiful, sitting out there on her own, asContinua a leggere “How I Ended Up in Italy – Part 1”