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Social Suicide

A new teacher by the name of Rupert arrived the following week. He had been working in Spain and he showed us a little trick that he had picked up there. By smearing a minimal amount of Pritt on to the end of your bus ticket, and allowing it to dry, you formed a veryContinua a leggere “Social Suicide”


A Visit to Vesuvius and Herculaneum

The Solfatara had given me a taste for things volcanic and so I thought I might give Vesuvius a try on the following Saturday. It seemed from what people had said that you could do Vesuvius and Herculaneum quite comfortably in one day, so I set off bright and early, intending to climb the volcanoContinua a leggere “A Visit to Vesuvius and Herculaneum”

An Encounter with the Jehovah’s Witnesses

Shattered after my Phlegraean excursion, I decided to have a lie-in. But someone else had other ideas. The doorbell rang for a second time, then a third. Whoever it was was clearly not going to go away until they got an answer and no one else in the house seemed inclined to go and openContinua a leggere “An Encounter with the Jehovah’s Witnesses”

A Day-Trip to Pozzuoli

The weekend finally came around again and I decide to do some more exploring. Following the disappointments of the previous week, I had deemed it wise to give castles and museums a wide berth and to stick to outdoor sightseeing. After all, you couldn’t close the outdoors. I had quite fancied a trip to oneContinua a leggere “A Day-Trip to Pozzuoli”

“The Miserable Bastard” and “Dog-Shit Bridge”

The room was worse than I had remembered it that morning. The dust seemed to have proliferated in the few hours I had been away, and I was going to need expert equipment: several sponges, a mop, a bucket and, most importantly of all, two or three, no, make that four, bottles of beer. PeteContinua a leggere ““The Miserable Bastard” and “Dog-Shit Bridge””

Breakfast, Egg Castle and the New Castle

I awoke with a start at about 8 o’clock. I was aware of loud noises coming from the street outside and so I hoisted the blinds to see what was going on. Down below, the Neapolitans were milling around, going about their daily business as if they had never been to bed. The dust inContinua a leggere “Breakfast, Egg Castle and the New Castle”

Exploring Vomero and the Historical Centre

By 8 o’clock that evening, they had obviously decided to give me a second chance. Pete knocked on my door. “Come on,” he said. “We’re going to show you the real Naples.” The crowd I had met earlier were milling around outside, some of them already in a state of advanced refreshment. As we joined them,Continua a leggere “Exploring Vomero and the Historical Centre”

Arrival in Naples – Settling In

An obese lady with enormous breasts – it was impossible to hazard a guess as to her age – was there to greet us. Karen introduced her as Mrs. Napoletano and promptly vanished. Mrs. Napoletano spoke no English but immediately subjected me to a torrent of Italian, punctuated with frantic gesturing. Although I couldn’t understandContinua a leggere “Arrival in Naples – Settling In”

Arrival in Naples

In my Cabernet-Sauvignon-induced dozy dreams, several thousand feet above the Bavarian Alps, I had a fairly good idea of what Bella Napoli would be like. Jim’s tales and picture postcards had prepared me. I would go through passport control, where a smiling official (he seemed to look a lot like Bernardo, albeit with a Saddam HusseinContinua a leggere “Arrival in Naples”

How I Ended Up in Italy – Part 2

Bernardo had infected me with the Italian bug. And, on my return to England, I began thinking that, perhaps, I would take the scenic route back to Germany. The route that involved a couple of years spent exploring Italy. No more than a couple of years, mind you, as I had absolutely no doubt thatContinua a leggere “How I Ended Up in Italy – Part 2”