Another Party, a Concert and a Fun-Fair

It took me until the following Wednesday to pluck up the courage to phone Giovanna. I was terrified that she wouldn’t remember who I was, or that she had deliberately written down the wrong number, or that she would tell me to piss off or …. 101 scenarios, each one worse than the last, playedContinua a leggere “Another Party, a Concert and a Fun-Fair”

Chickening Out of a Game of Soccer

“Hell’s Bollocks! How can you watch that stuff first thing in the morning, Roger?” I asked, gazing in horror at the TV screen in the corner of the kitchen. “Watch this bit!” said Roger biting cheerfully into a chocolate croissant. “This is my favourite bit; really disgusting! Watch!” “Good grief!” I turned back to theContinua a leggere “Chickening Out of a Game of Soccer”

A Neapolitan Election

Back in November, a high-profile election had taken place in Naples. The contest had been for the position of mayor and was fought between Alessandra Mussolini, granddaughter of Benito and former topless model, and a grey-haired Communist Party apparatchik by the name of Antonio Bassolino. Mussolini was a provocative character, fiery and defensive. Bassolino, atContinua a leggere “A Neapolitan Election”

A Difficult But Rewarding Teaching Job

With February safely out the way, my mood, along with that of my colleagues and the Neapolitans in general, seemed to improve almost tangibly. Not that the weather had improved much. It was still raining more often than not, but there was a general feeling that the worst had come and gone. To cheer me upContinua a leggere “A Difficult But Rewarding Teaching Job”

The San Remo Song Festival

San Remo turned out to be a song festival. Not just a song festival, but the song festival. Italian music. Oh dear. If someone were to ask me to list all the things that I hated about 1990s Italy, first place would be a close call between graffiti, litter, the national obsession with motorized vehicles, or theContinua a leggere “The San Remo Song Festival”

A Nightmare of a Carnival

As February wore on, I started to feel lower and lower. The rain was relentless and I had given up any hope of continuing my exploration of the surrounding area. I had even confided in Jeremy, at the end of one dismal, rain-sodden day, that I was considering jacking it all in and returning toContinua a leggere “A Nightmare of a Carnival”

The Island of Procida

Sitting nursing a cappuccino on the ferry the following day, I wondered whether I wouldn’t have been better off having a lie-in. The rain and the stress of recent weeks had been getting to me, and I could feel a headache coming on. But, mindful of the dire climactic conditions that Jeremy had foretold forContinua a leggere “The Island of Procida”

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