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A Glow-in-the-Dark Crucifix

“Do you know where I can get a glow-in-the-dark crucifix?” asked Andy.“You what?”“A glow in the dark crucifix.”“Well, yes. But why on earth do you want one?”“I’ll tell you later. But these things actually exist then?”“Yes. Why?”“I thought he was pulling my plonker,” Andy said, shaking his head. This conversation was confusing me, but AndyContinua a leggere “A Glow-in-the-Dark Crucifix”

Punta Campanella

Roberto was waiting in Catello’s office to show us around the new flat. He was a distinguished-looking man with longish, grey hair, swept back over his head, expensive gold-rimmed glasses, corduroy trousers and cream pullover, and a haunting, haunted expression. He quizzed us in a friendly manner on why we wanted to leave Naples andContinua a leggere “Punta Campanella”

Attempted Escape and a Trip to Avellino

“I can’t take much more of it, either,” said Thomas, as we sat together over a quiet beer in a bar that had been done out to resemble the inside of a railway carriage. “I’m thinking of looking for somewhere on my own.”“Pricey, though. That’s the problem,” I said, pushing an olive around my plate.Continua a leggere “Attempted Escape and a Trip to Avellino”

The Royal Palace of Caserta and Mr. Gobby

Giovanna was still cross with me the next morning. “If the English find people being cut up funny, then there must be something wrong with them.” I wasn’t putting up with that. “Excuse me, but in that room there was also a German and an Austrian. And they were laughing too. And it would haveContinua a leggere “The Royal Palace of Caserta and Mr. Gobby”