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Thursday 22nd August 2019

No, the drunks did not keep us awake. We have slept beautifully. We wake up at 6:00 and enjoy the luxury of a good breakfast in an albergue. A generous coffee with an even more generous slice of Santiago cake. The closer we get to Santiago, the more the Santiago cake replaces the napolitano asContinua a leggere “Thursday 22nd August 2019”

Wednesday 21st August 2019

We leave Villafranca full of trepidation for what lies ahead. Massimo has scared us. We don’t even bother looking for a bar but just start walking; we come across an open bar in Pereje, however, and it looks so nice that we stop for our napolitanos and coffee. It looks more like an English pubContinua a leggere “Wednesday 21st August 2019”

Tuesday 20th August 2019

Despite the expensive hostal room, we have slept badly. The light in the bathroom was impossible to switch off and the glass door was about as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike. The hostal owners redeem themselves, however, with a very decent breakfast of a napolitano, but with cream instead of chocolate. ItContinua a leggere “Tuesday 20th August 2019”

Friday 16th August 2019

I have slept badly, woken up continuously by the smell of insect repellent and by some pissed-up Germans making a racket out in the street. The Spanish boy in the bed opposite sleeps and sleeps and so again we have to prepare with our torches. We have a Nescafé in the kitchen, which is betterContinua a leggere “Friday 16th August 2019”

Thursday 15th August 2019

The alarm goes off way too early. It feels like every bone in my body has been crushed to powder. As usual, no bar is open anywhere. Indeed, today is The Assumption and we fear that everything will remain closed all day. We start out at 6 on the dot but then Mrs. Asinello wastesContinua a leggere “Thursday 15th August 2019”